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My remotes won't work on my car, nor will reprograming work!

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My remotes won't work on my car, nor will reprograming work!

Hello, I am an Owner of a 2004 Mazda 6. I had been given (2) three button auto remotes for basically locking & unlocking my car doors and the last button basically was an alert type of device (red in color) that would kind of let you know where you car was in case you misplaced it in a big parking lot. (Lock-Gray, Unlock-Black)

Anyways since i bought the car i really had only used the one remote to open and lock the car, and one day as i had always done in the past, if i had a problem i just replaced the battery. Well this time i did replace the battery and to no avail... i brought brand new batteries and my remote still would not work, and i contacted the dealer and was going to have them service it, but then found out how much they wanted to charge me and right away i nixed that idea because they wanted way too much in my opinion, and so i went online and purchased the same exact remote from a remote dealer... i followed all the right directions and i cannot get my New remote to work nor can i get the old remote to work as well, and I've re-set the programming mechanism many different times, but cannot  get any of thee remotes to work on my car as though it is jammed up or something.

Now... just to elaborate a little more, the extra remote that i got with the car does continue to work... so i do have one the constantly works, but when reprogramming begins, that old remote never resets itself, and just continues to work, and this has happened even though the car battery has been disconnected... as well as all the New Batteries for thee remotes i had purchased.

I even went to a locksmith who downloaded the same instructions from a website... but to no avail, and lastly he tried one of his brand new remotes for my car and it wouldn't work either.

Can you folks tell me of an inexpensive way to reset my system, without having to go through the dealership to get my auto remotes to work? I now have three that are not working and one that does, and it just seems worthless to run my car through the dealer who seems to charge an outlandish price, when this seems so simple to fix.

( Visteon Model 41846, FCC ID: KPU 41846, IC: 4238A-41846)

Thank you for your time & energy in this matter.

Please help!       sad



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Re: My remotes won't work on my car, nor will reprograming work!

You may be stuck going to the dealer because the problem is complicated.

You may have a bad ground or module problem that the dealer may only be familiar with.

If the key cannot be reprogrammed, the module may need to be replaced and all the keys will have to be programmed to the new module.

The new key reprogramming system that Mazda uses now is made to enhance security and can only be done at a Mazda dealer or locksmith that is familiar with the Mazda system.

Sometimes the memory of the keyless system has to be cleared to add new keys. This can only be done with the new system Mazda uses and it may be according to the year of your vehicle.

You can try to disconnect the car battery for about twenty minutes and reconnect the terminals to see if it can reset the keyless entry module.

Other systems will also be reset so the car may stall or not idle until all the vehicle systems can relearn again.

Unless you get lucky, this may be your only option.
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