Maserati Quattroporte:

drivers seat movements do not work as well as steering column

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drivers seat movements do not work as well as steering column

drivers seat stopped working as well as the adjustments on the steering column. this for a Maserati Quattroporte 2005. have checked fuses in the trunk and passenger compartment. is this a relay problem or possible reset some where?



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Re: drivers seat movements do not work as well as steering column

If you have your owner's manual it can tell you where the fuses and relays are in the fuse panels.

Sometimes fuses control other functions that may include these functions and are not listed.

It might be a good idea to check all the fuses to be sure.

There are also relays and modules and seat memory module to deal with.

The steering wheel adjustment may or may not be part of the circuit. I can't get a copy of the wiring schematics to check it out. 

It also could be a loose or corroded wire connection, poor ground in the circuit, open or shorted circuit.

There is very limited information on this car, if you can't see and obvious problem let the Maserati professionals repair the problem. They know the vehicle the best.   

There is a Recall that may be for your vehicle that you would need to take to the dealer anyway. It is a recall for the lower ball joint incorrect torque. Call your dealer with your VIN number to see if your car is included in this recall.

While the vehicle is in the dealer (if needed) for the recall they can also check out the other problems. If you are lucky the problems you listed may covered under the manufacture warranty.

Check the warranty information to see if your car is still under the factory warranty.
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