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93 Chevy Corsica

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93 Chevy Corsica

I have a 1993 Corsica. Last week it kept stalling out every time I came to a stop and then it stalled out a couldn't be restarted, it was determined that the alternator was bad so we replaced that and now it still stalls out when I come to a stop but not every time like before so I think there is something else wrong with it. I would say today out of the 6 times I drove it stalled out only once so far today. Any ideas?



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Re: 93 Chevy Corsica

Many components can cause stalling. The more common problems can be the crank sensor, throttle position sensor (TPS), mass air flow sensor (MAF) if equipped, idle air control motor (IAC), clogged up throttle valve, clogged fuel sensor, the list goes on.

Putting a scanner in the vehicle will show any trouble codes if any are stored in the computers memory, and you would repair any that would show up.

The scanner can also give the mechanic the data information for all the sensors of the engine, a trained eye will be able to see any abnormal information given by a faulty sensor. The scanner also is a specialty tool that has many test functions to help diagnose any problems that may appear.

The easiest item to start on is a maintenance item. It is cleaning the throttle plate of the carbon buildup that occurs when driving. You will also clean the IAC motor of the same carbon.

If you're lucky the stalling will stop. If not then if you don't know how to fix the vehicle then your local automotive professional is the next step.
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