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Car alarm/security features

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Car alarm/security features

I have a 1999 Mercury Villager. Yesterday night, my son was locked in the car from the outside (by his younger brother) using the key.  He unlocked the car from inside to get out and the alarm went off though the doors opened.  The alarm sounded for about five minutes and then stopped on it's own. I didn't know what to do. This morning though, the car won't start. Put in another battery but still it won't start. What can I do?



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Re: Car alarm/security features

Try putting the key in the door lock and lock the door and arm the alarm system again with all the doors closed. Unlock the door in the normal manner to disarm the alarm system and see if the car starts.

The door was unlocked on the inside, the alarm was never disarmed. You can use the key or the key fob to unlock the door and disarm the alarm system.

Try these suggestions and let us know how you made out.
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