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hello my name is joey and I've been upgrading my 1997 Impreza outback sport 2.2 I've added a cold air intake exhaust and header i recently purchased a chip that is 60+ horsepower and an increase of 7 miles per gallon i installed the chip to the mass air flow like it said and i noticed an increase in power but within a couple day it started to act funny loosening all power and then all of a sudden it would come back i called tech support  and they said to take it off of the mass air flow and put it on the engine coolant temp sensor does this sound odd to you? where is this sensor located and did i buy junk? thank you



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Re: worried

The ECM uses engine temperature information to calculate the following:
1. Injection quantity
2. Ignition timing
3. Canister purge
4. Idle speed
5. Radiator fan operation

The coolant temperature sensor contains a thermistor whose resistance changes with the temperature. The ECM sends a reference voltage to the sensor and measures changes in resistance as the engine temperature varies.

Tech support probably wants you to use the coolant sensor because this sensor is more critical to fuel delivery and engine timing. They know the system better than anybody. If not sure what they want, call them and be specific on the information you want and get detailed information from them like information for wiring and grounds.

The sensor is on the front of the engine near the upper radiator hose on the intake manifold. You need to remove the air intake and mass air flow sensor to get to it.

It's never a waste of money for something that will give you more power when you need it and also save you money on gas.
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