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2004 mitsubishi eclipse

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2004 mitsubishi eclipse

Any ideas why when after replacing brake drum, shoes, front pads and turning rotors does the steering wheel shake when braking. Everything's new and reinstalled properly. Need help



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Re: 2004 mitsubishi eclipse

When the brakes pulsate when stepping on the brake it usually is the front rotors were not cut properly.

If you have a micrometer you can check the rotors thickness at different points of the rotor to see if the thickness is the same at each point you check. If the measurements are different at any point this will probably be the pulsation.

Have the machine shop recheck the rotor and if necessary machine the rotor (s) again; as long as the rotors are still in specs for minimum thickness it can be cut again.

There have been times when you buy a rotor brand new and it may pulsate out of the box. It depends how the shop stores the rotors, sometimes the rotor can warp on the shelf.

Just to check the rear brakes, drive down the road and apply the emergency brake gradually. If the problem is in the rear brakes it will pulsate when the emergency brake is applied.

Also check your front end to be sure you don't have any worn parts that could cause a shimmy when you apply the brakes' just to be sure.

Let us know how you make out.
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