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lost key

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lost key

My girlfriend's son lost the only ignition key his 1998 Odyssey, is there any way to make a key without having it towed to the dealer?



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Re: lost key

Sometimes you can go to the dealership the van was bought at and they can look up in their records and use the VIN number to find the key codes and they can make up a key at the parts department.

The other way is to call a good locksmith and they will go to where the van is and they can make up a key and code it if it has the electronic chip in it; or key fob that opens the door locks by remote.

If you are the original owner and you keep good records, you may have the original papers that would have the key numbers; if you are the original owner.

The dealer might be expensive if they tow the van to the dealer, the locksmith may be the cheaper option. The locksmith can make the keys on site. Good luck.
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Re: lost key

Cutting a new key is not the only issue. Honda uses an "Immobilizer" program, which means each new key must be programmed. If they're adding 1 or more new keys, they can save the old program code so all other keys will still start the engine. But, if all keys are lost, they must set a new code.

Get a new key cut at a Honda dealership, and they can re-program that key with a new code -- meanwhile, if you find your old keys, they will no longer work.
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