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Will not start

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# 1  2/10/2011 7:54 PM

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Will not start

We have a 2004 Dodge Sprinter, today it would not start (due to cold weather ?). We tried jumping it, but it just slowly cranked and did not start, any suggestions?



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Re: Will not start

Make sure all the battery connections are clean and secure. Clean, repair or replace any cable (s) or connections that may be bad.

If possible have someone check the condition of the battery by doing a load test. Make sure the water level is at the proper level. Fill the battery with distilled water only. If you have a maintenance free battery then bring it to a local Auto Zone auto parts store they should be able to check it for you. They should be able to do it for free.

If you have a battery charger; charge the battery overnight and then try to start the engine. You can't check the charging system unless the battery is fully charged. Once the engine is running; check the charging system for proper operation.
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