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intermittently engine wont start

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intermittently engine wont start

Mechanics just replaced the thermostat. Three days later, drove to store, and on return, car would not start. Turns over, but does not start. Left car in lot for two days due to weather and availability, tried it again, same result. Had it towed to the shop and left overnight. Next day, the mechanics there told me it started right up, no problems. Because of the issue with the thermostat, the computer had no data in it.

Drove the car two days later, about 40 miles, in two local errands. At end of second errand, car again would not start. Have tried it twice in two days, about to give up and have it towed again, do not want a repeat process. Does not appear to be anything electrical, as it turns right over, just the engine will not start up.
Any ideas what to be sure to have the mechanic check? Should there be data in the computer?



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Re: intermittently engine wont start

If you had the thermostat replaced and the problem happened three days later, I would have the mechanic check all the computer body grounds. It could be possible that if he removed any of the grounds while removing the thermostat they may not be making good contact for a good ground.  Pay attention to the small black wires on the negative battery cable. If the mechanic removed the battery cable before he started the repair, which is what is supposed to be done, then the ground could have been disturbed and causing an intermittent problem. Depending on the year, the ground wires on the negative battery cable should be the ground wires for the computer. I'm not saying this is the problem but should be checked out anyway.

I would still like to have more information on your Town Car. I need the year, model and engine size. The more information you can give me I can research the problem in more detail and give you more detailed information on your problem.

When the car won't start it would help if you knew what area the problem is in. Checking to see if the engine has spark at the spark plugs would be a start. Then see if you have fuel pressure would be the next step. If you know someone who has some knowledge of cars they would be able to check out the car for spark and fuel. That information would help the mechanic diagnose the problem further.

Keep us informed on your progress and get back to us with the information we requested as soon as you can.
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