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Will not accelerate

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Will not accelerate

I have a 2006 Sedona and on cold days starting the engine cold, the van has no acceleration.  It only stays at an idle.  The ESC light turns on and the check engine light turns on.  The engine also runs rough.  If I turn it off and take out the keys and press the lock button on the remote twice then the unlock once, the van will start and run normal and the ESC and check engine light goes out.  After it warms up, the van runs normal the rest of the day.  If the next day is cold from a cold start the van will have the same problem again.  Can someone help?

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Re: Will not accelerate

The symptoms you described can be related to this service bulletins on this vehicle.

The service bulletin:

KT2008051302 05/13/2008 Engine Controls - Runs Rough Hesitation/MIL ON.

Some customers of 2006 - 2007 Sedona (VQ), 2007 Amanti (GH), or 2007 Sorento (BL) may experience a concern of a check engine light (MIL) being ON, which may be accompanied by engine hesitation and/or rough uneven engine running. This concern may be related to a faulty O2 sensor (HO2S). This TSB addresses faulty HO2S, which may be the cause of the customer concern, and describes when repair is necessary.


Some vehicles equipped with Lambda engines may have a faulty upstream HO2S that may cause misfire to occur. To a lesser extent, some similarly equipped engines may have a faulty downstream HO2S, however this will not cause misfire. To conclusively determine when a HO2S is faulty and causing misfire to occur, you need to closely examine the engine managements "Freeze Frame" data.

In the affected vehicles, for an upstream HO2S to have caused misfire, "Freeze Frame" data will typically show approximately -20% (negative 20%) or more Short and/or Long Term Fuel Trim on one bank and P0300 - P0306 code(s). In explanation, the faulty upstream HO2S falsely commands Short/Long Term Fuel Trim to reduce the fuel mixture (lean) on one bank, which then results in misfire.

NOTICE: A downstream HO2S will not falsely affect Short/Long Term Fuel Trim enough to cause misfire to occur.

This service bulletin I found came from the Alldata website.

If you need the full bulletin (because it is too long to write in this small space) you can down load it

Have someone scan the engine computer and retrieve any trouble codes that may be stored in the computers memory, this will see if this can help determine what the problem could be and see if this service bulletin applies to your condition.

Repair any trouble codes that may come up. Clear all codes on completion of repairs and test drive vehicle.   

Give it a shot and get back to me, let me know if this information helped you out.
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