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1985 benz 300SD turbo diesel

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1985 benz 300SD turbo diesel

i have a 1985 Benz 300SD turbo diesel and am totally lost on what to do about it in the winter time because I've been told i could mess the engine up if i start it cold because the oil is congealed. do i need to plug in my car when it gets cold because of the synthetic oil or is there a heater in the oil pan? if i plug it in where would i find the plug? if there is a heater in the oil pan do i need to sit with the key in the on position and for how long? i have heard so many different things in totally confused!!!!!  neutral



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Re: 1985 benz 300SD turbo diesel

The reason for the block heater is to help start the engine in the morning and to have the engine warm so you have heat instantly when you start it.

I never heard of a heater used to heat the oil so the cold weather won't damage the engine. If someone told you this then that would mean all the engines built whether it was a diesel or gas engine would be damaged when the weather is cold.

This is just not true though it would be helpful.

The block heater when used heats the block so the coolant and the oil would be warm for the cold start. It does both jobs.

You can go to Mercedes and they sell engine block heater kits made for your engine. When your car was made they did not supply a engine block heater to all the engines.

You can also visit this website I found. It is They sell a coolant heater that is installed in the lower radiator hose. This is much easier to install then the block heater and it will do the same job. Click on the Mercedes diesel maintenance page then click on Block Heater Installation of the Lower Radiator Type.

They make the lower hose with the heater and they show you how to install it.

If you can change a lower radiator hose you can do this job.

Let us know how you make out.
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