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Passenger wheel smoking

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Passenger wheel smoking

1991 Chevy C 1500 truck. 5.7 liter.

After I drive my truck on the freeway for about 10 miles going about 70 mph, I stop and get out and my rim is so hot I cant touch it. It is smoking.

I have replaced the brake pads and the caliper. I repacked the wheel bearings and it still dose the same thing,,

Please help.



# 2  11/5/2010 8:54 PM

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Re: Passenger wheel smoking

When you stop the truck, does the truck have a pulsating pedal?

Does the truck pull to one side while you are driving or when you apply the brake?

Sometimes the inside of the flexible brake hose collapses and will not let fluid pass back into the master cylinder.

Jack up the front of the truck and see if the wheels can spin.

The wheel that is getting hot will probably be not able to move or very hard to move.

Crack open the bleeder valve on the caliper to release any pressure in the brake caliper.

Can you spin the wheel?

If you can; then you will need to replace the flexible brake hose.

Let me know if this information helped you. If not, get back to us and we will look further.
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