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power steering fluid

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power steering fluid

I have a 94 Olds Cutlass-the past week it had a flashing message that said: warning low coolant. I checked all fluids I know about, radiator, oil etc. I got in earlier and it is making a horrible sound when I turn the wheel, both to the left and to the right-when I got back from the store which was close by, and I went inside; when I came back out to lock it, there was a lot of a sort of reddish color fluid on my drive, a lot of it-is that power steering fluid or transmission fluid and what can I do about it?

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Re: power steering fluid

You need to get the car on a rack to see where the leak is coming from, if it's from the bottom or you can see the leak from the top.

It could be a pressure hose, the steering rack, pressure switch, cracked steel line, or the pump itself.

Refill the power steering and have someone turn the steering wheel form one side to the other. If the leak is that bad you will see it right away.

Sometimes the seals in the steering rack go bad and fill up the boots on the side of the steering rack; which means you have to replace the steering rack.

But don't panic in most cases the steering pressure line usually is the problem.

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