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Noise in front tire

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Noise in front tire

In the spring I had my winter tires removed and had summer tire put on and have had issues ever since. First the tires were losing air. So I had that fixed. Then there was "moaning" noise or "growling". I had the front right wheel bearing replaced it seemed better for a day and now its back and getting worse.  I notice it more when I turn right and when I put on my breaks. My right tire sometimes feels uneven or bumpy when driving. What could it be?



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Re: Noise in front tire

It could still be the other wheel bearing on the left side. When you turn right, all the weight of the car is put on the left wheel bearing, this will make the noise worse if the bearing is bad.

If the tire has what they call a feather edge on it (when you rub your hand against the tread one way it's smooth and the other way it's rough), or if it is worn and bumpy on one side of the tire or both, it can be caused by a few things.

If the wheel alignment is out of factory specs it will wear a pattern in the tire that will cause a noise that can sound like you still have the snow tires on or have a bad wheel bearing.

The alignment can also be off by having worn front end parts, or it could have been caused by hitting a pot hole or large debris in the road. Worn ball joints, tie rod ends or having a component bent.

Having your Professional Mechanic inspect the front end and check the alignment and balancing can determine the cause of the problem.

To help soften the noise rotate the bad tire in the right front and place it in the right rear and see if the noise changes.

I hope these tips help solve the problem.

Let us know how you make out.
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Re: Noise in front tire

Yes, I completely agree with the TechHelp2 above as It must be the other wheel bearing on the left side that is creating problem.


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