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Ticking Noise

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Ticking Noise

I have a 2004 Dodge SRT/10.  I have a noticeable ticking noise coming from passenger side of engine at idle and it is obviously more noticeable at highway speeds.  What is or may be my issue?



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Re: Ticking Noise

The ticking noise could be a few things. If it is coming from the valve cover it could be a camshaft bearing cap, bearing, valve lifter, worn valve guides or worn rocker arm.

Sometimes an exhaust leak at the manifold could be mistaken for a valve train noise.

Proper diagnosis with a mechanic stethoscope will help find the noise.

I didn't find any TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) on the noise but there have been some on other models for a ticking noise at idle. They mentioned that some electronic solenoids or valves mounted on the right side of the engine compartment can make the noise.

Again a mechanics stethoscope will help locate the area of the noise.

Other areas mentioned were the flywheel bolts coming loose and making noise.

Locating the area of the noise is difficult; but if you take the time and have the tools you can locate the noise.   

If you are not sure of the characteristics of the noise then your local Professional Mechanic will probably know the difference between the noises to properly diagnose the problem. 

Let us know how you make out.
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