Chevrolet Tahoe:

Engine tries to start but shuts down

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Engine tries to start but shuts down

99 Chevy, Tahoe 5.7 not injected.  Same problem about 2 months ago. Changed everything in the distributor + new cap and fuel filter. Problem went away until today, same problem. Could it be a Pass lock problem?  I just turned on the key and left on for 10+ minutes and it started.  What do you think?  Does GM have a service recall that you know of?



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Re: Engine tries to start but shuts down

Does the security lamp flash when the problem happens?

When you leave the key on for 10 MIN, does the security lamp flash and then stop?

There is a service bulletin on this; it is 01-08-56-004A. It describes a no start condition and a Data Trouble Code B2960. I didn't see any recalls on this condition.

Scanning the Body Computer for trouble codes should be done. Repair any codes that may come up.

Unfortunately this sounds like a problem that the Chevy Service Department should handle. The bulletin states a few areas of poor connections and corrosion at plug connections of the PASSLOCK system.

These conditions cause voltages to be off and resistance to be high enough to cause these problems.

Hope this information helps. Let us know how you make out.
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