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Turn ignition key and No response

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Turn ignition key and No response

1993 Chevy Blazer two door 350 cubic in. When I try to start the truck nothing at all happens. Brand new battery, was running yesterday. Sometime if I hook a battery charger up to the battery just even if its for a few second then it starts. but now there is nothing!

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance



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Re: Turn ignition key and No response

Checking all the battery cables making sure they are clean of all corrosion and tight.

Checking the battery cables with an VOLT/OHM Meter to make sure the cables don't have too much resistance in them, also checking the voltage drop at each cable is a another way of checking to see if the cables are good or have a good connection.

Check the charging system and the starting system for proper operation; make sure the charging rate and starter draw are within factory specs.
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