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mistaken identity !

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# 1  9/5/2010 11:32 AM

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mistaken identity !

I was about to buy a car, it was a diesel engine. The owner has informed me he mistakenly added a WATER leak additive into the engine oil and ran it for a couple of miles when it seized ( his view), i Have jet to check it out, i was wondering if anyone has any experience of this , and is there a cure, apart from the obvious strip and rebuild. I believe the additive used was made by Holts.....any miracle antidotes out there...? Thank You in anticipation.  Sub-rosa.



# 2  9/6/2010 2:42 PM

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Re: mistaken identity !

NO antidote for a seized engine other than replace or rebuild.

Looks like the "Holts Radweld" is a coolant system sealer in-a-bottle used by Subaru. And I can only imagine how severely it might clog up the oil distribution of an engine.

I'd confirm that the engine is actually locked-up due to internal damage (see what the oil looks like, too). Then deduct the engine price from that of the vehicle -- if you still want it.

Note: Always better-off fixing leaks, as opposed to using any kind miracle sealer.
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