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Yoke and pinion seal

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Yoke and pinion seal

How do I remove the yoke and pinion seal after I have removed the pinion Nut? Don't want unnecessary damage? thank-you. smilesmileneutralbig_smilewink



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Re: Yoke and pinion seal

The yoke is easily removed by tapping the back of it with a hammer.  Remember, I said tapping.  The seal should be replaced if it is removed.

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Re: Yoke and pinion seal

First mark the Drive shaft to the Yoke. This will put the Drive Shaft in the same spot when you install it. This will avoid any vibration problems that might come up.

Then you need to mark the Pinion Nut to the Pinion Shaft. Gently use a center punch and tap a dot on the nut and then tap a dot on the Pinion Shaft at the same spot.

Then count the turns on the nut when you are removing the nut. The nut should be replaced the same amount of turns.

When the nut is removed, gently tap the back of the Yoke till it comes off.

When the Yoke is removed, use a seal remover to pry the old seal out.

Replace the seal and put a sealer around the outside of the new Pinion Seal, then tap the new seal in place.

Gently tap the Yoke when you install it till it bottoms out, then replace the Pinion Nut, and remember to replace the nut the exact amount of turns, on the last turn the two dots you put on the nut and shaft should line up.

Replace the Drive Shaft and match the two marks you put on the Drive Shaft and Yoke when you started.

Let us know how you make out.
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