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Wiper Motor or Switch Assembly problem ?

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Wiper Motor or Switch Assembly problem ?

Good Morning,

Found this to be a better forum than the other outdated sites with inaccurate info, thanks for letting me join !

Early 1999 K1500, i.e. - 1998 body and powertrain configuration.

Having issue with wiper control, I believe it is the control assembly vs. motor but I'd like opinions please:
* When in off position, the wipers stay elevated 2"-3" above normal position on windshield, appearing to be in the "standby position" as if delay is activated.

* At times only the fast mode works on wipers, other times function is normal.

* Starting to have continuous problems with cruise control in getting the resume mode to work along with increasing speed with push lever on control arm of steering column assembly.

Thinking it's the steering column assembly control that is my root problem ?  We all cannot afford to "guess with money" these days.




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Re: Wiper Motor or Switch Assembly problem ?

This is for the wiper problem. Hope this helps.

Disconnect the windshield wiper/washer motor module connector.

Turn the ignition switch to RUN position.

Place the windshield wiper/washer switch in the OFF position.

Connect a test light from CKT 96 brown at the windshield wiper motor module connector cavity E to ground.

If it lights then repair short to voltage to circuit 96 brown from the windshield wiper motor module connector to the windshield wiper/washer switch connector. If no short is found replace the windshield wiper/washer switch.

If no light is found then connect a test light to circuit 96 purple from the windshield wiper motor module cavity D to ground.

Does the lamp light? If it does then repair the short to voltage at circuit 96 purple to ground. If no short is found then replace the switch.

If the test light doesn't light then replace the Wiper Motor Control Module.

Check the body ground to the wiper motor making sure it is making good contact.

As for the Cruise Control problem, check the wiring at the connector at the steering column to make sure all the connections are tight. Also check the connections at the Cruise Control Module, make sure they are clean and tight.

If it works intermittently then it will probably be the switch. The only other thing it might be would be the Cruise Control Module.

If you need more information let us know and we will dig further into the problems.
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