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A/C system ( Actual / Location of Orifice)

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A/C system ( Actual / Location of Orifice)

I have a 1993 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (4.3) V-6 Eng

I hit a Deer took my truck to the repair shop, and they completed the work and was paid. I did not check the A/C at that time this summer when it got hot I turned it on, (Did not Work) I took it back to the place and they checked it out. Said they could not do anything as it was plugged up?

I then drove to Ohio and 600 miles only to find out that during the repair they loosened the Left Mounting bolts and when the engine torqued it snapped the a plastic water fitting in the rear (top ) of Engine.
This was corrected for $150.00. After returning home I then Took it to another A/C Repair man who attempted to help find the solution. To NO AVAIL.

Problem: A/C running HOT. Would not accept Freon and was plugged up, what I was told. When I got home I started my own checking. I bought the necessary fittings to convert it from R-12 Freon to 134 Freon, I also got O rings and an Orifice. Took Vehicle to a licensed A/C man who initially done this and asked him if he would remove the Freon to maintain regulations on dumping Freon. Afterwards, in speaking to some other people they all felt that I could have this problem with the system when changing Freon types. So at this point I believe that was when this was fixed? They forgot to put the Orifice back in. I loosened all the lines one at a time to check for the Orifice and could not see it. (except the compressor lines, I did not remove them!

I went to Auto Zone and got a (Rough Diagram of the system. Very helpful People there.
This diagram does not show all the fittings I have, but shows the Orifice (IN-Line ) and not near any connections
I would think that it would be inserted (IN-LINE ) prior to going into the heater at the fire-wall, So with this in mind I Got a Mirror and a flashlight and looked at all the lines (NO ORIFICE) and this could have been the initial problem?

My question is at this time is just: Where is the actual location and position of the Orifice that will convert the High Pressure to Low Pressure? I really don't think it is possible for the Orifice to go into the line and be hidden from view. Now, While the new orifice has a small filter there is no other in-line filter in the system. Is it possible that it did not have an Orifice to start with, or it was never put back in?  I do not think that it in inside the accumulator hanging out? I know that I should take it to a dealership, but after all the cost so far I am trying to LEARN and do it this way with some help, or just end up leaving it alone. I shall not criticize anyone at all on this, for the past work. I can only say, Someone including myself (Failed to do the required thing thus far.) 

Thank You and all, for your time and assistance to this problem



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Re: A/C system ( Actual / Location of Orifice)

The Expansion Tube is located in the evaporator inlet pipe (high side line) at the liquid line connection.

The conversion of R12 to R134a usually works well as long as you properly evacuate the system for at least 30 minutes to make sure all of the R12 is removed. You do not want to have a mixture of the two refrigerants. A mixture of the two will cause poor performance of the A/C system.

If you are not qualified to service the A/C system leave it to a qualified professional.
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