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1987 F250 4X4 poor fuel economy

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1987 F250 4X4 poor fuel economy

What should I check to see why I'm getting such bad fuel Economy. Just did a weekend trip 180 miles round trip and went through 26 gallons of fuel like it was nothing... Where should I be looking for the problem ???




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Re: 1987 F250 4X4 poor fuel economy

When was the last time you tuned up the engine?

You should first look at the filters. Check the air filter, making sure it's not clogged. Also make sure there are no restrictions in the air ducts to the air filter.

Check fuel filter, make sure it's not clogged and the fuel pressure. Also check for fuel volume for the proper amount of fuel being delivered.

Check the ignition system, like the spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, ignition module for proper operation. If you have an after market Ignition module you should try to get a factory or good brand name replacement. If the timing curves programmed into the module are malfunctioning, this can cause poor performance and poor fuel mileage.

You can scan the computer for any trouble codes and repair any that may come up.

Check the ignition timing making sure it is set to factory specs.

If the truck has a lot of miles on it you may want to check the condition of the timing chain. If the chain has a lot of slack, it can cause the valve timing to be retarded causing lack of power and poor fuel mileage.

A clogged Catalytic converter can cause poor engine performance and bad fuel economy. Checking the Exhaust back pressure can check if the exhaust has a restriction in it.

Proper operation of the Transmission can also cause this. Check to see if all shift points are working properly. Check to see if the lock up converter is working properly. Also check the condition of the Torque Converter. If the Stator in the Torque Converter slips it will make the car feel like it is towing a big boat giving you poor fuel mileage and power? You can check this by checking the stall speed of the Torque Converter.

These are a few things you can look for.

If you need more assistance, please get back to us with more detailed information about your vehicle and problem, we will be glad to help.
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