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Flashing check engine light

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Flashing check engine light

I have a 1997 Honda Accord EX Couple L4 2.2L VTEC that has a flashing check engine light that I can not make go away.  I have had the codes read and it comes up with a P1399, P1299, and P1300 code, Cylinder 2 Misfire and sometimes Cylinder 4 misfire.  I have replaced spark plugs and wires as well as the distributor (including cap & rotor).  The EGR valve is free from carbon deposits and buildup and seems to be working properly.  The fuel filter is not the original but I am not sure when it was replaced (I bought the car used about a year ago).  The car has a hesitation upon acceleration unless I floor it and then there is more shuddering at about 50+ MPH @ 2250 RPM.  I am at a total loss and out of ideas as to what it could be.  I am trying to avoid the dealer but I am on my way to just giving up.  Any info/help would be great.



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Re: Flashing check engine light

These are some of the things that can cause a random misfire.  Check them out before you go to the dealer.

Engine misfires are difficult to find unless you have the proper equipment. Usually an Engine Scope is required for proper diagnosis, and then you have no choice but to go to the dealer.

Fuel Pump insufficient Fuel Pressure, amount of flow low
Fuel line clogging, blockage,  or leakage
Fuel filter clogging
Fuel pressure regulator stuck open
EGR system malfunction
Distributor malfunction
Ignition coil wire open, leakage
Ignition control module malfunction
Excessive carbon deposits on valves
Compression low
VTEC system malfunction
Fuel does not meet Owner's Manual spec., lack of fuel

Honda does not supply a diagnostic flow chart for this code. P1399 is a random misfire code and Honda/Acura has reported for various models that this could be caused by clogged EGR ports.

In addition there is the possibility that the valve clearance specification may be out of range. This would require a valve adjustment.

If you don't know when the Fuel Filter was changed replace it, with the hesitation you are explaining it may have something to do with the problem.

Let us know how you make out.
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Re: Flashing check engine light

Yes, go ahead and have the valves adjusted. It's part of normal maintenance anyway, and it may very well be the problem.

Insufficient valve clearance prevents the valves from closing all the way, which produces a misfire.
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