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Suggestions: auto x-mission fluid flush

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Suggestions: auto x-mission fluid flush

coolant and transmission fluid have mixed in the transmission and radiator. Vehicle probably driven 5 miles in this condition. Any suggested solvents to use to flush the transmission?



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Re: Suggestions: auto x-mission fluid flush

Antifreeze contaminated transmission fluid will cause friction material breakdown and seal degradation. The binder in the friction material may dissolve causing material to flake off.

Just changing the transmission fluid is not acceptable, friction material and seals that have been exposed to antifreeze even for a short time will eventually show damage. The torque converter cannot be completely drained so contamination would still be present when the remaining fluid circulates through the transmission. 

It's unfortunate that this is a slow death for a transmission. You will probably need to replace the transmission and torque converter sooner or later and have the transmission cooler lines and the tank in the radiator flushed out to get rid of all of the contamination.
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