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Various Problems. Please help!

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Various Problems. Please help!

Hey guys, well I have a few problems, any and all advice is greatly appreciated! I have a 2001 Spyder Eclipse Gs (convert.)

Problem # 1: OK, I took my car to get inspected (I live in Texas) and it did not pass. It stated that the Catalyst and the EGR were "NOT READY" but everything else was fine. Now, there are no codes present, no check engine light or anything present. I had my front O2 sensor replaced about 4 months ago because there was a code on for that previously, but I have driven 200+ miles since then. A lot of people have been telling me to just keep driving it, but in a normal week I hardly drive my car at all because I live and work in the same apartments so there is no need for me to drive. Would it be a good idea to disconnect the battery and try driving it those certain amount of miles again? Someone suggested getting the back O2 sensor done, and cleaning the EGR out.

Problem # 2: When I am sitting in traffic for a short amount of time after I have been driving, my temp gauge in my car starts to go up past the half way mark, but when I start driving it goes back down to normal. I noticed this happening, so one day I just went outside and started my car and let it idle for about 30 minutes about the amount of time that I would have been driving and it stayed where it is suppose to be.

Problem # 3: My front two tires don't hold air like they should. I have to put air in them every time that I want to drive somewhere, and the other day I went to put air into the passenger right side and it would not go past 20 PSI. When it hit 20 it would start making a kinda humming noise. I was reading about this problem with other eclipses like mine, and a lot of people were saying that the stock rims that come on the car are made of crappy metal, and just driving in normal condition ( bumps or pot holes in the road etc) that the rims could bend and cause air to be leaking from the tires. I was wondering if anyone has encountered this?

Alright, well that is all that is going on. Again any help would be greatly appreciated, I just really want to finally get my inspection done!



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Re: Various Problems. Please help!

OK for problem #1.  The readiness codes are a code to check all of the emission components of the engine under certain conditions. If you are just driving around town from here to there then some readiness codes will not pass because there was not enough time for them to pass the tests from the computer.

You need to drive about 50 or more miles under many conditions, stop and go, highway speeds, acceleration and deceleration and so on. Go on a trip for the day where you hit highway speeds, stop and go conditions, around town driving at normal speeds.

Now go and get it inspected again and you shouldn't have a problem as long there is not a trouble code stored in the memory of the computer.

If this does not work, get back to us and we will dig into this further.

Problem #2, when driving your car and it gets to normal operating temperature. When you sit in traffic, the engine is hot, and with no air going through the radiator the temperature will climb a little higher than normal. The cooling fan will not go on until the coolant temperature reaches about 220 degrees, there is and Aux. fan used when the Air conditioner is on and the low side pressure reaches above 40 to 50 PSI. As long as it doesn't climb into the red zone you are fine and the car company probably considers this a normal condition.

When you start driving and the temperature returns to normal it just sounds like the car is running normal.

But on the safe side, check the coolant level to be sure it is at normal levels in the radiator and the expansion tank. Always check these levels when the engine is cold to avoid being burned.

Problem #3, the tires should be taken off the car and put in a tank of water to see where the leak is coming from. If the air is coming from the rim then you will see bubbles coming from the metal part of the rim. If it comes from the tire then it may have a nail or a pin hole from a puncture or even just a bad schrader valve in the valve stem.

On all the problems we would be grateful if you got back to us to let us know how you made out, and if you need any extra help on these problems.
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