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Can't get car to start

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Can't get car to start

Bought a 1995 Geo Tracker 4x4, 5 speed. Seller told me it quit running because possible fuel filter clogged up. Checked filter and fuel pump. Puts out excellent on fuel (pulled plugs and found them wet with gas), I have spark to all cylinders, it's in time. When vehicle sets 24 hours or more, it cranks, but just as quickly stops and will not crank again until next day. It never runs more than a second! Spraying starting fluid does not help. Have noticed the battery has a voltage pull on it when ignition is OFF. Found a 40 amp fuse (under hood by battery) that I don't know what it operates. However with fuse pulled or left in (to drain battery) car still doesn't start. Should I buy a code reader, or will that help troubleshoot? What possibilities are left to check? Oh also, I replaced the fuel. Please help. Bob



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Re: Can't get car to start

Not sure what you are saying.

Is the car not starting and continues to crank, or it stops cranking and won't crank over anymore?

Do you have Throttle Body Injection (TBI) or a single injector for each cylinder? If you don't know you can give us the eighth digit of the VIN number to identify the engine.

Yes! Having a scanner can be a big help. First thing to check is if any trouble codes are set in the computers memory then fixing any codes that may come up.

Check the mechanical timing to make sure the timing belt didn't slip a few teeth.

Also check the fuel pressure. If the Fuel Pressure Regulator is bad you will have too much pressure and a constant flooding problem.

Getting a NOID light to check the input to the Fuel Injectors can help. If the light flashes then the input is good, if it is a solid steady light then the Injector Driver in the computer is shorted and you will need a computer. This condition will tell the injector to stay wide open and flood the engine.

These are a few things to get started with.

Getting back to us with more detailed information can help us help you better.

Let us know how you make out.
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