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Motor swap

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Motor swap

I was wondering if a stock 1st generation (1989-1992)  Ford Probe GT engine (2.2 L 4 cylinder turbo) could be put in a 1992 Mazda 323 5 speed.  I know the early probes had Mazda engines and such, I was just wondering if it would be a quick swap, or if you have to do a lot of custom work like add brackets and such If so, is there a kit for it?  I've never heard of this being done, but I used to own a 1st generation Probe, and I know how fast those cars really are so I was thinking if it could be a quick swap, I'd definitely be starting a new project. 

Then, as far as transmissions, will the one in the 323 bolt up to a 2.2 Probe engine? If not, could I use a Probe tranny?  Thank you for all the help.




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Re: Motor swap

Anytime you use an engine from one Car Company to another you are going to do modifications.

Unless you are very mechanically inclined and have the tools and the time, then it sounds like a cool project.

The answers you are looking for would be at your local Auto Salvage Yard. They would have a cross reference to look at to see if your ideas will work, and if not then they could give you some ideas on what to use for the engine and transmission usage for the vehicle in question. 

Good luck on your project.
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