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i have a 96 Plymouth voyager 3.3L 4 speed and dodge caravan 96 3.3L 4 speed and the neutral start backup light sensors are different one has 2 plugs the other has one. i need to use the trans from the dodge in the plymouth can i swap the plug rewire it?

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Re: transmission

If a 1999 model transaxle is received for a 1998 or earlier vehicle, a TRS (Transmission Range Selector) harness splice kit p/n 5014473AA 41TE or 5014474AA 42LE must be ordered to modify the vehicle harness.

If you go to your local dealer and ask the parts department for a splice kit for the neutral safety gear selector reverse light switch or TRS (Transmission Range Selector) according to the Service Bulletin Number 21-04-99.

Hope this information helps. If this is information I supplied you is inaccurate then please get back to me with more detailed information on what you want.
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