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Beeping or whistling somewhere on drivers side above 45mph

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Beeping or whistling somewhere on drivers side above 45mph

Hi!  So my car is a 2010 Explorer with 7000 miles on it.  At right about 5000 miles it started making a noise on the drivers side when I go above 45 mph.  It seems to be doing it more often ( several days a week) but every time I head to the dealer to show them it stops.  I did ask about it once and they said it would be hard to troubleshoot since it isn't constant and no warning lights come on.  Anyway, to me it sounds like the high pitched beeping during a hearing test (but it doesn't change tones).  Any ideas?



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Re: Beeping or whistling somewhere on drivers side above 45mph

The dealer is right. It is hard to find and intermittent noise especially when it comes and goes.

But there may be some hope. There is a Service Bulletin that describes a high pitched whistle noise on the 2010 Explorer when hot, and it may or may not be continuous. It could happen at idle, when hot, in any gear position weather you are moving or not.

The Service Bulletin number is TSB 09-21-4 and it is for the 5R555 Transmission. This only applies to this transmission. If you don't have this transmission then further diagnosis is needed.

It involves replacing the Valve Body Spacer Plate in the transmission valve body.

Bring the Service Bulletin number to the service department so they can have a good head start on the noise diagnosis.
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