Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera:

coil pack problems?

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coil pack problems?

I have a 91 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera that wont start, it is getting gas, and the starter is good however there is no fire going to the engine. it was running just fine maybe a little on the rough side but I turned it off for a second and when i went to start it, my thumb slipped off of the key and it did not complete the start and when i attempted to start it again it would not start. I pulled a plug to see if there was fire and nothing...i have had this happen before and i would disconnect the battery and wait a few minuets and it would start, now it is not starting at all it has a coil pack, i had the crankcase sensor replaced a few week ago...could someone help



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Re: coil pack problems?

I know it is difficult to get the car to a shop but do you know anybody with a scanner to see if there are any trouble codes stored in the computer.

You said the engine was running on the rough side. The problem could have been a bad spark plug wire. Further diagnosis can determine if it is also a fuel or a mechanical problem. 

Did you check to see if you have any spark at the plugs when you are cranking the engine? Using an ignition spark checker is the safest way to check for spark.

You have to remember this ignition system uses very high voltage and can cause personal injury.

On this ignition system if one plug wire is bad it kills two cylinders. The high resistance of the ignition wire for an extended period of time could have been too much for the ignition module and may have blown the module. A scanner could check the crank sensor when cranking the engine by monitoring the engine RPM signal. If there is no RPM signal, then the crank sensor may be at fault. I know you just had it replaced; it is just one of the first things to check for when you have a no start condition. If you don't have a crank signal, you won't have spark to the plugs. If you have this crank signal then it's telling you it's probably good and you may have a bad Ignition Module.

Using an OHM meter to check each of the coil packs should be done to make sure the coils are good; also checking each of the ignition wires for excessive resistance should be done.

Having a bad ignition wire for a long period of time could kill the coil and/or the ignition module.

Remember this is just a start, further diagnosis may reveal other problems.

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