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Tire bolts (spokes?) threads peel off.

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Tire bolts (spokes?) threads peel off.

I have a SX4 Suzuki 2008 (2.0 liter). Every time I have a flat and remove nuts to change tire, the threads on the bolts spokes? peel off. Anyone out there encounter this problem? Is it possibly a manufacturer defect?




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Re: Tire bolts (spokes?) threads peel off.

How many flats are we talking about?

For the threads on the studs to peal off; a few things could be happening.

First thing to watch out for is that the threads are lubed with an anti-seizing compound, when you have to remove the nuts from the tire studs they will come off easy.

Torque the wheel nuts to about 62 foot pounds. Over tightening the nuts by hand or by using an impact gun can put too much stress on the threads and make them fall apart.

Under tightening the nuts can make the wheel move on the studs and wear out the threads and stud holes on the tire rim.

I didn't find any service bulletins or defects on this problem, following these simple steps can increase the life of the wheel studs and lug nuts.
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