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Keyless Entry

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Keyless Entry

We bought our 2003 Ford Taurus a couple years ago.  It has keyless capabilities but we were not given a key fob for it.  A friend of mine gave me a fob that is for a Ford but we have no idea how to program it.  It would be so nice to use this feature as my driver door is the only door with a key hole.  Tends to be a pain in nasty weather with two babies.  Can you help me? 

Thank You, Elizabeth

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Re: Keyless Entry

This is the programming procedure I came up with for a 2003 Ford Taurus, hope this helps. If there is any part of this you don't understand let us know we will be glad to help.

Remote Transmitter Programming

NOTE: It is necessary to have all (maximum of four - original and/or new) of the remote transmitters available prior to beginning this procedure. Insert a key in the ignition and turn from OFF to ON eight times in rapid succession (within 10 seconds) with the eighth turn ending in the ON position. The doors will lock/unlock to confirm that programming mode has been entered.

1. Within 20 seconds, program a remote transmitter by pressing any button on a transmitter. The doors will lock/unlock to confirm that the remote transmitter has been programmed. (If more than 20 seconds pass before pressing a remote transmitter button, the programming mode will exit and the procedure will have to be repeated.)

2. Repeat the previous step to program additional remote transmitters. The doors will lock/unlock to confirm that each remote transmitter has been programmed.

3. After the remote transmitters have been programmed, turn the ignition to OFF or wait 20 seconds. Again, the doors will lock/unlock to confirm programming has been completed.
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