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97 Trans Am starts but sometimes quits & won't restart

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97 Trans Am starts but sometimes quits & won't restart

My 97 Pontiac Trans Am starts easily but sometimes immediately quits and won't restart for about 2 minutes
Problem is intermittent. During the couple of minutes when it won't restart it doesn't even fire. After a couple of minutes it will start and run fine. No codes show up after it restarts. Mechanic kept car for several days but it wouldn't do it for him. Engine is a 5.7L V8, 71000 miles



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Re: 97 Trans Am starts but sometimes quits & won't restart

When the engine stalls, a quick check for spark at the spark plugs will determine if the problem is spark or fuel. If you have spark then the problem will be fuel.

One of the common problems that cause a start and stall is a throttle plate caked up with carbon. Cleaning up the throttle plate with carburetor cleaner a rag will clean up most of the carbon. Checking the Idle Air Control (IAC) motor for carbon build up and IAC port making sure it is not clogged with carbon.

If the problem still appears a fuel pressure test should be done to check that the two second fuel pump prime is working and at the correct pressure, and that the fuel pressure doesn't bleed down when engine is not running.

You probably won't have a lot of time, so checking the problem out when it happens with someone else will be helpful.

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