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Re: Sentry Key Theft Deterrent System

ok buddy after 2 dealerships and a garage. the last dealer changed the pcm,skim module and flashed it. no there is a wire on the buss side behind the cluster that has a short in it. that probaly why all the other stuff was wrong the wire grounded and shorted it out. anyway it runs i dont have the money for the dealer to tear the dash apart and i would like to know if you can email me detailed picture of the wiring on the buss side so at some point i can tear the dash apart and find the wire myself. they said it would be 6 hours to remove the entire dash and search for the wire.
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Re: Sentry Key Theft Deterrent System

We don't send to personal Emails we just try to give you the information you need on the Realworld automotive website.

There are so many pictures and schematics of what you need, you can get all of these diagrams from a shop service manual. I located one at this website…dmake=Jeep for $129.00, or you can join Alldata for one year for about $20.00 and get the same information I am getting for you. This way you have all the information you need with diagrams and instructions to tackle this job you are planing to do.

I listed some of the important schematics below.
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