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a/c compressor

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a/c compressor

Hi,  My  problem is my a/c blows great it wont cool properly, so I checked the fuse box under the hood and the a/c fuse was blown so I replaced it and it blew, it blew a couple of the same fuses. Can you help me figure out what I should do.   Thanks



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Re: a/c compressor

I need to know what year your Impala is.

To check on a few things you can start by removing the A/C compressor relay and replace the fuse. This can help isolate where the problem might be. If the fuse still blows then the problem will be before the relay in the circuit. If it doesn't blow then it could be the relay or a short after the relay. Try swapping a known good relay to see if the fuse still blows, this will eliminate any suspicions of a bad relay.

Try to look at the wire harness to see if any supports for the wire harness have broken. A broken or loose support can allow the harness to move and cause it to rub through and make contact with the body or frame causing a short. Try wiggling the harness, this may disrupt the short and stop the fuse from blowing temporarily. 

You can get a special tool at the auto part store called a short checker. It is a circuit breaker that is put in place of the fuse. The circuit breaker pops when there is a short. It will keep popping till the short is found. This will save you money on the many fuses you are buying for this problem; it is also a safety device that will keep the circuit from overheating and causing a fire.

Try disconnection things in the circuit one at a time, start at the compressor clutch then work up to other switches in the circuit. When you find the problem area the fuse or circuit breaker will stop popping.

These are some steps to start with. Giving me more information on the car like the year, engine size or weather it is a manual or automatic climate control can help.

Keep me informed on your progress.

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