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2003 Durango transmission

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2003 Durango transmission

The transmission shifts hard from first to second gear. Sometimes it will not shift until I let off the accelerator. It has 80,000 miles. I just had the fluid and filter changed. My mechanic said it’s probably a censor he didn’t want to mess with it because he doesn’t have the equipment fix transmissions. What do you think?



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Re: 2003 Durango transmission

There is a service bulletin on a shift problem after a fluid and filter change. It may apply to your truck but the bulletin states a shift engagement problem from park to drive or reverse. It states that the filter replacement may cause drainage of the torque converter over a period of time (over night). The service bulletin number is 21-015-05; it may be part of the problem. If it seems to be your problem then the filter should be replaced with the one stated in the bulletin.

Sometimes when the fluid is changed it stirs up debris and may not entirely be cleaned out during the service, the left over debris may clog or restrict the movements of certain valves or solenoids. The only way to tell is to have a trained transmission technician scan the transmission computer for any codes and to monitor the transmission performance to determine what the problem is.
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