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2008 Suburban

Engine stalls or surges within first 5 minutes of cold start (at low speeds).  Power train control module engine reprogrammed with SPS, no change; fuel injector replaced, no change; fuel tank fuel pump module replaced, no change; fuel injector replaced, no change.  Also problems with door locks, fixed, but no change in other problem.  Service department cannot duplicate, even though VDR recorded snapshot.  Bad gas considered, but eliminated as cause.  HELP!



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Re: 2008 Suburban

What size engine is in the Suburban?

You said you had two injectors replaced, what about the other six, and have they ever been cleaned?

When you drive does the check engine light go on or flicker?

Did the service department ever tell you if any codes were stored in the memory of the PCM?

If you have had multiple codes stored in the PCM and the engine surges, stalls there is a service bulletin out, it is 03-06-04-030G dated April 22, 2009. It states that clogged injectors can help contribute to the condition you have. The clogged injectors can cause a lean fuel mixture causing the surge and hesitation when cold.

Due to various factors, the fuel injectors may become restricted. Extensive testing has demonstrated that fuel related issues are the cause of clogged injectors. At this point, no specific fuel, fuel constituent, or engine condition has been identified as causing the restriction. The restriction causes the engine to operate at a lean air fuel ratio. This may either trigger the check engine light to illuminate or the engine to develop various drivability symptoms.

Fuel injector restrictions, deposits can be cleaned on the vehicle using the following procedure. Under NO circumstances should this procedure be modified, changed or shortened. As a long term solution, and to prevent re-occurrence, customers should be encouraged to use Top Tier Detergent Gasoline. For further information on Top Tier detergent gasoline and fuel retailers.

Please refer to the following Corporate Bulletin Numbers:04-06-04-047G  (U.S. Only)

The dealer needs to follow the procedure in this bulletin exactly to be effective.

I know you have been through a lot but this should be looked into, they have done almost everything else so far. You still can't rule out further diagnostics with a scanner to check other sensors that contribute information related to a cold start.

You may be able to get a copy of the service bulletins at the dealer or inform them of there existence, maybe they were overlooked

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