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Car A\C going out. One hose fixed, another springs a leak.

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Car A\C going out. One hose fixed, another springs a leak.

Have a Chevy Prizm 2000, 54000 miles on it. A\C went out, had a hose fixed. Didn't stay fixed for 2 days. Took it to another place, asked them to replace A\C but they replaced the bad hose (2nd one). Now a 3rd hose has sprung a leak.  This could go on forever.

What should I do?

Thank you.



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Re: Car A\C going out. One hose fixed, another springs a leak.

If A/C hoses are leaking one after another the first thing that should be done is to put a set of gauges on the system and find out what the pressures are in the system. Checking to see if the pressures are out of range is the first thing. This can indicate if the system is over charged, if the cooling fans are working properly, if the condenser is filled up with debris on the outside or if there is a blockage somewhere in the system. 

Checking if any hoses are loose or have broken brackets or if they are even rubbing on a part of the body or chassis. Excessive engine vibration can cause this and would be worth looking into. You would notice if the engine is running different or would have excessive vibration if the A/C is turned on.

These would be the obvious things to look into first. The problem could get deeper where you would probably be better off going to the car dealer where they might have seen this problem before.
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