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Cannot shift into Neutral. Full battery - no power

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Cannot shift into Neutral. Full battery - no power

1998 Jaguar XK8 Convertible.  4.0l not supercharged

This vehicle was driven from winter storage two weeks ago.  It has a coolant leak, and needs to be taken for service.  With a fully charged battery (and external boost) there is no power to any system -- emergency flashers, lights, etc.  The owner tried to place the car in neutral to load the car onto a flat-bed.  With the key in the ignition, and in the on position, shift lever cannot be moved.  It is stuck in the owner's garage and cannot be moved.  Is there a system that prevents the car from being turned on?

Would a boost plugged in the cigarette lighter help out?



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Re: Cannot shift into Neutral. Full battery - no power

Is there any power to anything? Do the dash lights or interior lights work?

The negative (Ground) lead is connected to the vehicle body. The positive lead is connected to a high power protection module; from here power is connected to the starter motor and distributed to other systems on the vehicle. The battery cables should be checked for corrosion or poor connection at the battery and at their connection points, the body and the high power protection module.

There is a procedure to remove and replace battery cables that should be followed. You must have the radio security code and know the proper procedure to reprogram the windows. When removing the battery cables they need to be disconnected for a minimum of 30 seconds, when replacing the cables there cannot be any interruption in the connection process, no sparking or the whole procedure needs to be started over again. The procedure can be found at

You need power to the brake switch to disengage the transmission. There is also a service bulletin on the brake switch it is 206-07 it was amended on 04-2002. It explains the difficulties of shifting the transmission, brake lights being on when not applied, which could lead to a dead battery. Fail safe is displayed in the information center and trouble code P1571 is stored in the computer memory. A new brake switch is available to repair this problem.

When the car gets to service for the coolant leak the electrical system should be checked out by their technician.
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