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Loss of power of 1992 honda accord lx

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Loss of power of 1992 honda accord lx

I have a 1992 Honda accord LX car. It starts fine but loses power and the engine cuts off. So I replaced the air filter and it started back up again. One week later I drive to work and it did again. So I replace the fuel filter, but it didn't start. I've just run out of ideas and I need help, please sad



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Re: Loss of power of 1992 honda accord lx

Like in most cases of an engine cutting out, top priority is determining if you've lost spark or fuel. Ignition spark can be tested with a spark tester, and fuel requires a fuel pressure gauge.

Most common stuff an that year Accord would be spark related -- ignition switch, distributor cap, rotor, ignition coil or ignitor (ignition module).

But don't just swap parts, if you're unfamiliar with ignition systems it may be worth the diagnostic labor time at a good repair shop.
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Re: Loss of power of 1992 honda accord lx

There is a Service Bulletin on a diving condition similar to your problem.

The Bulletin number is 89-043. It states that to repair the hesitation when driving in colder conditions requires the replacement of the Ignition coil, Spark Plugs and the Fuel Pressure Regulator.

The repair parts come in a kit you can buy at your local Honda dealer. If you don't have the skills to install the parts, you can tell your local dealer about the Service Bulletin and parts kit or your local Automotive Professional can get the kit and install them.


Ignition Coil Kit

'86-87: P/N 30520-PJ0-305, H/C 3368750

'88-89: P/N 30520-PJ0-306, H/C 3368768

The kit includes:

Igniter Unit:             P/N 30120-PH7-006

Ignition Coil:            P/N 30520-PH6-902

Pressure Regulator, '86-87: P/N 16740-PJ0-305

'88-89:  P/N 16740-PJ0-306

Spark Plugs, ZFR5F-11:  P/N 98079-5514G (4)
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