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Automatic door locks

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Automatic door locks

I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty 3.7L  4WD. One day with no forewarning all the door locks except for the driver's door stopped working. On the passenger front seat door and left rear seat door the post can't be pushed down to stay. It just pops back up as soon as you take your hand off it. The right rear seat passenger door can be locked and unlocked, but only manually. Anyone have any idea what the deal is? I took it into the dealer after someone told me it was a recall item. The dealer said my problem was not a recall it was due to another problem with the door locks on 2004 Liberty and my problem would cost $500-$600 to repair. Hmmm, sounds very fishy to me.



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Re: Automatic door locks

The dealer is close to the estimate. If the vehicle is not under the recall then they would have to reprogram the BCM (body control module) and check all the door lock actuators to see if any seized.

The safety recall number is D09. It refers to the reprogramming of the BCM and inspection and or replacement of any or all malfunctioning door lock actuators.
This recall applies only to the 2004 Jeep Liberty equipped with Remote Keyless Entry (sales code GXM) built from November 3, 2003 through January 28, 2004. Owners may contact DaimlerChrysler at 1-800-853-1403 to see if their vehicle is still under this recall by giving Daimler Chrysler the VIN number of your 2004 Jeep Liberty. They will tell you if it is on the recall list.

Multiple Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) operation may cause the Body control module on about 2,100 of the above vehicles to actuate the door lock motors continuously. This can cause the lock motor bearings to overheat and seize. If this occurs, the door lock system will become inoperative.

The BCM on all involved vehicles must be reprogrammed. Vehicles found with one or more inoperative lock motor must have all the door lock motors and the swing gate lock motor replaced. Very few vehicles are expected to require lock motor replacement.

You can get a copy of the recall on
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