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Truck will not stay running

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Truck will not stay running

Chevy 1988 truck 5.0 My truck will start and run, but once it is warmed up and you put it in drive or reverse it dies. It will not stay running. If you put it in neutral or park it idles fine.



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Re: Truck will not stay running

There are many areas that can cause this problem.

Is there a check engine light on? Getting the truck computer scanned for trouble codes should be done first. Repair any that show up.

The most common problem is the IAC (idle air control motor) coking up with carbon and not being able to adjust the idle speed.  Cleaning and or replacing the IAC may be needed. Checking all the vacuum hoses for cracks or being dried out will help identify any vacuum leaks that can also cause stalling. The EGR valve being stuck open will cause stalling; this will also make the engine run bad.

There are service bulletins on the air cleaner ranging from the injector wires being pinched under the air cleaner, the air duct to the air cleaner being collapsed inside the fender, the air filter element being oil soaked, all of these restrict the air flow to the engine causing the engine to stall. Try running the engine with the air filter removed and see if it stalls when you put into gear. This is a simple check that you can do.

If the torque converter clutch is stuck in the apply position it will cause the truck to stall. It's like stopping a truck with a standard transmission and not pushing in the clutch when you come to a stop. You can check this by unplugging the four wire connector on the left side of the transmission and see if the stalling stops when you put it into gear. This is not a common problem but is known to happen.

These are some simple suggestions to look for. Let us know how you make out.

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