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When towing a boat with a 2005 dodge durango limited (hemi 5.7 v8), do I engage the tow button on the gear shift only when pulling the boat out of the water or do I leave it on even at highway speeds?



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Re: Towing

The tow/haul overdrive OFF (control) switch is located in the shift lever arm. The switch is a momentary contact device that signals the PCM to toggle current status of the overdrive function.

At key-on, overdrive operation is allowed. Pressing the switch once causes the tow/haul overdrive OFF mode to be entered and the Tow/Haul lamp to be illuminated. Pressing the switch a second time causes normal overdrive operation to be restored and the tow/haul lamp to be turned off. The tow/haul overdrive OFF mode defaults to ON after the ignition switch is cycled OFF and ON. The normal position for the control switch is the OFF position. The switch must be in this position to energize the solenoid and allow a 3-4 upshift. The control switch indicator light illuminates only when the tow/haul overdrive switch is turned to the On position, or when illuminated by the transmission control module.

You would leave it on when you are towing the boat at highway speeds and off when you are not towing anything.

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