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2003 Silverado 4X4 brake rotors

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2003 Silverado 4X4 brake rotors

I have an on going issue with this trucks brakes. I purchased this truck new in 2003. At around 40,000 miles all four brakes were gone, notably the rotors were badly rusted and deteriorating complete with severe scouring. This was my primary vehicle at the time and I am not a lead foot.

I replaced all four brakes with new aftermarket rotors and loaded calipers. This new set lasted only about 15,000 miles before the same deterioration started reappearing. I continued to drive this truck off and on for another 20,000 miles until it's now reached the point where it is again dangerous to drive.

I have once again purchased replacement parts, except these parts are the top of the line GM rotors and pads, although not slotted performance rotors or ceramic pads as the parts manager didn't believe that heat transfer
to the rotors was the issue.

The riddle of the rotting rotors, what is the answer?

Would stainless steel rotors be a possible solution?

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Re: 2003 Silverado 4X4 brake rotors

There seems to be a lot of complaints on this one. Many people are complaining about the rotors rotting out while still having life left on the brake pads. So far GM knows about the problem, but does not have a recall or an answer. They do have a service bulletin (#00-05-22-002L) out for a "brake rotor clean up procedure". So mention the bulletin at your GM dealership, it may help.

Below is a link I to complaints similar to yours. So far all you can do is keep up on the brake inspections and repair as necessary.…rakes.html

There is a recall for a parking brake system modification -- bulletin number 05042B. It involves installing a reduced force spring clip for the parking brake on the 1500 series. The 2500-3500 series involves replacing the parking brake cable and or the parking brake shoes if needed.

There is also a recall for the brake hydro-boost relief valve seal -- number is bulletin number 04004 -- which includes the 2003 Silverado.

These recalls may not be related to the brakes rotors but should be looked into for safety purposes.

You can try the stainless steel rotors. They are more expensive but have a better life expectancy then the stock discs.

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