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Air Conditioner compressor not functioning properly

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Air Conditioner compressor not functioning properly


I am having problems with my 2000  Chevrolet Silverado Pickup  (5.3 v8)  air conditioner.     The compressor works fine  and blows good, cool air  for the first five minutes after the engine  is started;  then, when the compressor disengages, it will not reengage and then blows hot air.   Meanwhile, the  refrigerant level checks fine.   Also, whenever you restart the engine after it sits for  about  five  minutes, it works fine and blows good, cool  air  again  for  about  five  more  minutes,  then  quits  blowing  cool  air  again.   Could my problem be  the  air compressor clutch  or  is it some type of relay switch?

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Re: Air Conditioner compressor not functioning properly

It can be a lot of things, electrical or pressure related.

How do you know the system is fully charged?

From your description it could be a low state of charge, or another condition causing excessively low pressure on the low-side of the system. Cooling OK on start-up followed by the compressor clutch disengaging is a typical symptom.

When the compressor is off (engine running, A/C on, not cooling) disconnect the low pressure switch at the accumulator and jump the 2 terminals on the connector side. If the compressor comes on, it could be a bad switch, low refrigerant, clogged orifice tube, and the list goes on. Pressure testing would be the next step.
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