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2.3 quad: check coil pack, housing, and cover

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2.3 quad: check coil pack, housing, and cover


  I want to check my coil pack, the housing, and the cover.  I did this years ago, but lost the Haynes manual.  How do I perform these procedures using a voltmeter, and do you know the values they should read.

Half of my coil housing is discolored yellowish brown, but I'm so poor I can't just replace it without knowing it's faulty.  I know there's a test for the coil pack, the coil pack housing (upside down looks like a battleship) and the cover using a voltmeter.

This is probably a really dumb question, but I got a digital voltmeter, on the Ohms part it has 200,2k, 20k,200k,2m,20m.  On my Honda, I wanted to test the coil and igniter and things, but the readings need to be between .6 and 1.5 ohms, another test needs the range to be 6-10 ohms.  Will the voltmeter I have work for this?  I haven't opened it yet, because I think I may need to exchange it.

Thanks again!



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Re: 2.3 quad: check coil pack, housing, and cover

If there are no symptoms (misfire), don't replace anything.

The coils and the housing will normally show discoloration and soot. You should be looking for cracks or real tracking marks from escaped voltage. They will be visible, and you should also be able to feel the crack or grove in the housing from tracking.

The specification for coil resistance is below 10,000 ohms. So the 20k scale on your meter should work fine.

Again, don't fix it if it isn't broke.

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