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2001 dodge ram 1500

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2001 dodge ram 1500

new battery and now I'm getting a "no bus" display on instrument cluster...instead of my mileage display...check but found no blown fuses...any ideas



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Re: 2001 dodge ram 1500

On the 2001 Dodge Ram Truck there is a complex communication system called the Chrysler collision detection multiplex system or CDC where all modules have the ability to talk to each other. The message on the dash that reads "NO BUS" is telling the driver that the dash has lost all communication with all modules in the truck. The instrument cluster (MIC) provides CDC bus bias for the 2001 Dodge Truck.

Going to the Dodge dealer and having a qualified Technician diagnosis the complex computer system with their version of a scanner called a DRB 3 is advised to see if there are any trouble codes stored in the computer memory. If no codes are displayed then the Technician must do further diagnosis with a digital volt meter. This scanner can give the technician an enormous amount of information and help guide him to the area giving the problem.

Possible problems can be a DRB or DRB cable, fuse # 17 in the junction block or the fuse circuit, opened fused ignition switch output circuit, the ground circuit open, CDC bus + or bus - circuit open or shorted to ground or a bad instrument cluster.

Hope this information is helpful.
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# 3  12/5/2012 1:39 AM

Richard Dager
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Re: 2001 dodge ram 1500

I had a "no bus" on my odometer and found I had to replace the instrument cluster with one of the same year and engine size to make it work properly.


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