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1999 Buick Century

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1999 Buick Century

Upon initial startup - on dashboard - airbag light will blink and ding - then is on constantly, why?



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Re: 1999 Buick Century

The Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR) light flashing and/or staying on after the engine starts means there's a malfunction in the system, and there should be a diagnostic trouble code stored in memory to help diagnose the problem.

It requires a scan tool to read the codes and diagnose further. This should be done by a qualified technician because it's an important safety feature, and air bags are explosive devises which can be dangerous to work on.

While the ABS light is on the following may occur:

- Non-deployment of the air bags in the event of a crash.

- Deployment of the air bags without a crash.

- Deployment of the air bags in crashes less severe than intended.

Get it repaired as soon as possible. SIR can save your life.

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