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Re: Turn signals on 2003 malibu

My 2003 Malibu has an intermittent and annoying problem with the turn signal 'clicker'. It will randomly make a fast clicking sound at any time while the ignition is on.

The turn signal and flasher lights all work correctly, and the clicker will make the correct sound in sync with the turn signal lights each time the left or right signal lights flashes on. After the turn signal or flashers are off, the clicker may start the fast clicking sound again.

It happens at different temperatures, and may not act up for several days, then start again. It can happen day or night (lights on or off).




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Re: Turn signals on 2003 malibu

There is a service bulletin on a problem with condensation in the rear tail lights.

Check if there is any water (condensation) inside the tail light. This could cause an electrical problem in the directional circuit. There is a circuit board inside the tail light assembly and condensation can short out the board at any point and cause different types of problems.

If water is not the problem then the flasher would have to be diagnosed next. The directional flasher and the emergency flasher are integrated into one unit.

The replacement of the flasher is a little complicated and would need the SRS system (Air Bag) to be turned off and part of the dash to be removed to access the flasher.

The problem could also be inside the multifunction switch in the steering column (directional switch). You can try to disconnect the multifunction switch at the base of the steering column and see if the clicking stops. This can help to determine the area of the problem.

There is also a policy in Chevrolet it is GM actually that issued a special policy # 04098 that covers free replacement of the hazard switch/turn signal flasher. You should call your local dealer to see if your car qualifies. 

If you need more assistance then you can get back to us and we can diagnosis the problem further.
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