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1978 Lincoln (engine cutting off)

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1978 Lincoln (engine cutting off)

I have a 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car. I'm having fuel problems I think. When I drive my car it acts as if it's running out of gas. If I pour a little gas in the carb it runs for a few seconds and then shuts off again. I've had my car in the shop several times for several months and yet I'm still experiencing the same problem. So far I've had the fuel pump and fuel filter replaced and the fuel tank flushed out and the fuel lines blown out. Could it be the carb itself and what other possible problems could it be?

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Re: 1978 Lincoln (engine cutting off)

You should be checking with a fuel pressure gauge at the line going into the carburetor. If pressure is good, while the engine is cranking and not starting, shine a light down the throat of the carburetor.

While moving the throttle back and forth, you should see fuel shooting into the carb from the accelerator pump. If not, something is preventing the fuel from getting past the needle/seat and filling the bowl -- internal problem, possibly a stuck needle or debris plugging up the seat.
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